fire alarms and lights

fire alarms and lights

Fire Alarms and Lights Installation Service

Buildings of all kinds are required to have warning alarms in the event of a fire. Alarms can be horns, bells or sirens but in order to warn all occupants of danger, it is necessary to have both audible fire alarms and lights. Lights are often in the form of strobe lights but they can also be text banners.

In 1990, the ADA dictated the need for both alarms and lights so that people with visual or hearing impairments could safely be warned of fires. The National Fire Protection Association governs the codes for the height of these fire alarms and lights as well as their location and brightness.

Get professional installation service for your building from a local alarm company. With their help and expertise, you can be sure your building will be compliant with all the local and national codes.

It makes sense to have lights as well as alarms. When you think about it, lights get attention fast, especially when they are flashing. If there is an emergency, you will be glad that all occupants were able to get out safely. Lights can be extremely helpful in saving lives.

The fire alarm system that you have installed will warn occupants as well as automatically connect with the local fire department. It will also instantly activate the sprinkler system. Alarms will continue to sound and, when you have lights installed, the lights will flash. Usually, alarm lights are strobes which will get everyone’s attention so that they can reach exits quickly.

fire alarms and lights

Many systems have both the fire alarms and strobes activated at the same time. This is the most effective way to get everyone’s attention. Older systems might only use the alarm sound. If your building has an older alarm system, now is a good time to upgrade to one with an alarm as well as lights.

When the lights were first introduced they were often red or blue. Today, the ADA does not regard colored lenses as being acceptable. Clear lenses are best and will produce the brightest light. Colored lenses may have gotten people’s attention but failed to help people find exits from apartment or office complexes.

If you have a new building that needs an alarm system or an older one in need of an upgrade, contact your fire alarm service. They will inspect your property and assess what types of systems will be best for the building as well as your budget. You will be offered a full line of different alarm systems including alarm sirens, sounds, and lights.

If you are worried that your building may not be up to code, contact your alarm company. They will be able to help you assess the system. They can not only install it but also help design the layout of it.

Protect the people that live or work in your buildings. Bring your alarm system up to code compliance with lights as well as alarms. Doing this can one day maybe save lives. Contact your alarm company today.