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Conditions That A Colorectal Specialist Singapore Treats

A colorectal specialist Singapore focuses on diseases of the rectum and colon. In order to become proficient when it comes to management and treatment of these types of digestive conditions, the colorectal specialist has to undergo training in surgery along with advanced training which includes 14 years overall associated with issues located in the lower digestive-tract. The colorectal surgeons are also known as proctologists.

People that suffer from IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) often schedule visits with colorectal specialists. One of the main reasons associated with this visit is when a gastroenterologist has called for what is known as a “surgical consult” which may be to find out if the ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease has reached a stage that the diseases is proposed as best managed through the process of surgery. On completion of the surgery, the patients with IBD usually stay in contact with their colorectal specialist Singapore for a long time, particularly when the surgery involved j-pouch or ostomy surgery.

The colorectal surgeons do not always recommend that surgery is always the best route to take. In some cases, these specialists are consulted in order to give the patient and their families additional options or to assist in determining if it is a better choice to wait for such a surgery. When gastroenterologist refer patients to colorectal specialists it does not always result in surgery.

What Type Of Patients Need The Services Of A Colorectal Surgeon

colorectal specialist singapore

People that suffer from IBD are often unsure about what specialist to contact when it comes to direction or advice about this disease. If the issues are associated with recent surgery, then a colorectal specialist is the best specialist to contact. This is definitely true when the site of the surgery is failing to heal as suggested or the site is experiencing unexpected pain. For any advice or questions relating to regular medication or new issues that could be linked to IBD such as eye problems, skin or joint problems, gastroenterologists are better suited for these issues.

In regard to endoscopic procedures or colonoscopies, both gastroenterologists and colorectal surgeons are skilled in performing these tests. The type of specialist to conduct this test is typically based on the physician’s expertise along with their experience and knowledge about the patient’s medical history and their disease, along with insurance considerations and availability. One of the other considerations is the type of relationship that a patient has with each of these specialists and which one of these is better in providing the needed care to the patient.

Conditions That Colorectal Specialist Singapore Treats

The colorectal surgeons which have been certified by a board will have proficiency when it comes to treating and diagnosing these conditions:

• Anorectal conditions
• Fissures
• Hemorrhhoids
• Abscesses
• IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease)
• Abscesses
• Crohn’s disease
• Ulcerative colitis
• Diverticulitis
• Cancer
• Colonic neoplasms
• Fistulas
• Familial polyposis
• Polyps
• Endoscopies which involve both the colon and the rectum
• Flexible along with rigid sigmoidoscopy
• Endoscopic polypectomy
• General colonoscopies
• Anorectal and intestinal physiology for the purpose of managing rectal prolapse, diarrhea and constipation.