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buy a stand up paddle board

Which Stand Up Paddleboard is right for you?

When you’re looking to buy a paddleboard a lot of things should be factored into the decision about which one you’re going to purchase. Color is important because you assuredly want a stylish paddle board that matches the swimwear you’ve already got. No use buying some deep blue paddle board when it’s just going to conflict with your orange shorts. We’re looking for something in a tasteful color scheme, nothing to extreme or bold, we’re not trendsetters here we’re just normal salt of the earth real Americans looking for a paddleboard that looks nice and will get us a few compliments when we’re out on the water. Also it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure it’s a bright color so if you’re falling off the thing a lot you can find it easier. As you’re about to find out these things are not cheap and I’m not about to leave a few hundred dollars floating on in the ocean just because I can’t figure out how to balance myself on this crazy thing. Why did I ever let my kids talk me into this nonsense anyhow?

Now if I am going to buy a stand up paddle board I have to look at prices. The prices on these things are brutal. Wal-Mart has a paddle board for three hundred and eighty dollars! Wal-Mart, the cheapest place on earth is charging me nearly four hundred balloons for a piece of plastic I put in the water. If they want four hundred bucks for something you can only imagine what the high end stuff goes for.

buy a stand up paddle board

Well imagine no more good sir because the high end paddleboard can cost you about twelve hundred dollars. Seriously these things are out of control. Over a thousand dollars for something to stick in the water and paddle on for a few hours, this whole country has gone mad. Maybe you should invest that money in a bit coin. I wonder how many bit coins it would take to buy one of these things. Maybe I’ll make a new bit coin and call it paddle coin. It’ll be worth a lot of money because it’ll be tied to the cost of paddleboards, brutally overpriced paddleboards.

So once you’ve got your bright paddleboard and you’re ready to spend an arm and a leg on the thing the last thing you’ll need to know Is the size you want on this sucker. Exactly how big your paddleboard matters because all the balance and speed issues that come from paddle boarding dictates your preference on how large you want the platform you’re standing on to be. If you’re a bit overweight you might want to spring for the extra-large board because water displacement is a real thing and if you don’t have good displacement you really have nothing. Spending a grand on a board you can’t balance on because you’re too heavy for the thing means you’re going to have to spend another grand on a treadmill just to lose enough weight to get on the paddleboard. It’s a vicious cycle these sports hobbies.