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The Lairg Hotel

Places to stay in Edinburgh

Scotland has a lot of historic places to visit and to stay in should you want to plan a vacation there. Beyond seeing the sights and sounds of this proud Scottish city you’ll want a hotel that will comfort and refresh you for each of your day’s adventures. The hotel you’re likely looking for is The Lairg Hotel. This charming hotel has twenty rooms you can choose from for your vacation. From spacious and luxurious four post beds to some of the best bathrooms you’ll ever see, The Lairg Hotel brings comfort and class to every inch of their hotel.

The Lairg Hotel is in the very beating heart of Edinburgh. The Haymarket Rail Station is right next to the Hotel and allows you easy access to transportation to all the places you would want to go outside Edinburgh proper. The International Conference Centre can be reached by a quick walk and many other attractions, such as the shops found on Princes Street can be reached by walking less than a mile or by taking a quick cab ride. You can even use Uber there, the Scots allowed that service to give people rides in 2015.

The Laigh hotel also has a bus service that can get you around town. You’ll most likely want to check out so Saint Mary’s Cathedral, or maybe make a stop at the Usher Hall. Perhaps you want to see the exhibits at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art.

The Lairg Hotel

You could always see a movie at the Filmhouse Cinema or spend some time seeing Usher Hall. Edinburgh has so many impressive places to go and things to do that you’ll want to really settle in for a few days and make sure you get everything out of this amazing and historic city.

The culture of Edinburgh is also something you’ll likely enjoy. The city is progressive and full of art and passion. Many great artists come from this great city. Shirley Manson is a proud native of Edinburgh. She is the lead singer of legendary alt-rock band Garbage who had a string of big in the 90’s. It is impossible for me to really overstate the impact her music has had on my life and for that I’m pretty grateful to Scotland as a whole and Edinburgh in particular. Thanks for the great music you guys, good job all around.

So if you’re visiting Scotland and you’re looking for a small yet very classy and beautiful hotel that is central to just about all the major tourist spots you’ll want to check out you should look into staying at The Lairg Hotel. It might have a funny name but the place is all class and will take care of you for the whole duration of your stay. From huge, comfortable beds to big breakfasts to wake up to and world class housekeeping and room service that will make you have a perfectly cared for room and whatever else you may need to make your vacation a great and memorable one.