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Finding an MMJ Clinic

When you’re hurting and you need help there are many places people turn to find relief. Problem is so many of the options that claim they’ll help you really end up hurting you in the long run. Prescription pain relief is now one of the must abused drugs in America. The opioid crisis gripping this nation is one that began as a quest for pain relief as it so often has before. In the First World War people were given heroin in the belief that it was a non-addicting treatment for injuries. That’s why it was called heroin, because it was a hero for its ability for our troops to recover from the agony of their wounds they suffered in the war. Of course it turned out to be brutally addicting and a life ruining drug. Ever since then doctors and medical researchers have sought out the drug that would finally free people from the light yoke of pain without replacing it with the heavy dominion of addiction.

The funny thing is that drug has been out there for forever. The all natural plant known as marijuana is a more than capable substance when it comes to treating pain. This drug has been mislabeled as some sort of great menace to our nation and the world at large. In all reality this was just something made up by the man in charge of cracking down on drugs and crime in the early 1900s. Harry Anslinger was in charge overseeing America’s drug laws and he came down hard on cannabis mostly because he needed an enemy to fight to justify his budget and the existence of his department. He was the one who renamed the drug into marijuana to tap into anti-Hispanic fears and get people scared of what the demon weed would do to them. The campaign used little if any scientific research on pot and instead relied on fear and racism to scare people into outlawing the drug.

mmj clinic

For nearly a hundred years this fear mongering and misinformation campaign has kept Americans from being able to enjoy weed legally but finally the tides have begun to turn on this issue. Much like gay marriage, people are seeing that weed won’t destroy their cities won’t devastate their communities and won’t lead to the downfall of our great nation. Our President is doing that very well by himself thank you. This is a new age where people are finally understanding that while weed does have its share of side effects, it’s not a truly dangerous drug and it need not be regulated as one.

So if you’re looking for pain treatment and don’t want to risk opioids and over the counter pain pills aren’t working for you, find an mmj clinic near you that will be more than happy to exam you and determine if you’re justified in becoming someone who can use weed for medical purposes. Sooner or later it will be legal for all uses everywhere but this is where we are now. Baby steps and all that.